Lucas Holtom Carnival Day

Saturday July 8th, 2017

11:00AM - 3:00PM


A FREE Carnival?

Each year families come enjoy a stress free day of fun & are reminded about the preciousness of life, given a new appreciation for the joy of children and above all, feel they had an opportunity to celebrate!

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Memorial Partners

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We would like to acknowledge some of the sponsors and partners who's heart is at the center of the carnival.  Organizations who work tirelessly with families dealing with illness and bereavement.  We would also like to acknowledge sponsors in honour and memorial of individuals who have been instrumental in the Carnival.



Birch Hill Equity Partners is happy to make a donation to the Lucas Holtom Carnival Day in memory of Sue Doyle.
Sue, an active member of the North Bramalea congregation, unfortunately passed away in March 2016. Sue was a huge supporter of the carnival over the last number of years and enjoyed her role in making the event a success.
Our support is in honour of Sue, her husband John Doyle and her children Robert and Laura McMechan.

Queen Lynch Pharmacy
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