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Saturday July 8th, 2017

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Stilt Walking

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Stilt Walking Stilt Walking
Stilt-walking is an ancient art that only requires a pair of stilts, optional protective padding and lots of practice. Soon you'll be able to view the world from a whole new perspective.  Our spotter will select the right height for you for this challenging activity - lots of fun for everybody!

How to Stilt Walk:

  1. Begin with a low pair of stilts that place your feet about 1 foot off the ground. If you're concerned about injuring yourself in a fall, you might also want to wear a helmet and protective padding on your knees, elbows and wrists.

  3. Select a firm, even surface on which to walk - the stilts could sink into softer ground, making them difficult to maneuver. Also, try to position yourself next to a wall that you can use as support or between two low surfaces that you can use to prop yourself up, the way a gymnast uses parallel bars.

  5. Make sure you have someone to 'spot' (or catch) you who can handle your entire weight. Alternatively, string a rope tightly across your training area at the level where your hands will be when you're on stilts. Use this for support and balance.

  7. Grasp one stilt in each hand, set one foot on the little ledge sticking out from one stilt, and straighten your leg. Have your spotter prop you up if need be.

  9. Once the first stilt feels secure, raise your other foot onto the second stilt and straighten this leg.

  11. Practice stepping in place to get a feel for lifting your legs with the stilts properly. Begin walking only after you feel comfortable taking steps.

  13. Take your first step forward and then keep moving - it's easier to keep your balance that way.

  15. Pretend you're marching - picking up each stilt high as you walk - so you don't trip on bumps in the road.

  17. Practice until you feel comfortable.

  19. Progress to taller stilts as you feel ready.


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  • Peter Waisanen

    The Mayor of Brampton tried this one year and did quite well.

    Peter Waisanen Thursday, 26 May 2011 21:33 Comment Link
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