Lucas Holtom Carnival Day

Saturday July 8th, 2017

11:00AM - 3:00PM


A FREE Carnival?

Each year families come enjoy a stress free day of fun & are reminded about the preciousness of life, given a new appreciation for the joy of children and above all, feel they had an opportunity to celebrate!

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Displaying items by tag: animals

Flyball is a team sport for dogs that was invented in California in the late 70's. Legend has it that Herbert Wagner first showed it on the Johnny Carson Show to millions of Americans. Soon afterwards dog trainers and dog clubs were making and using Flyball Boxes. In the early 80's the sport became so popular that the North American Flyball Association (NAFA) was formed and they are the worldwide authority for Flyball.

Unfortunately due to some scheduling conflicts the Flyball Dogs will not be able to attend the 2011 Lucas Holtom Carnival Day.

This years Pony Rides are brought to us by Atkins Pony Rides

 Yup, we have got it all: Pony Rides!!  Always a favourite for the younger ones.  Come early to beat the line up!!

You never know what you'll see at the Carnival!! It was such a nice surprise for all of us - in 2008 the City of Brampton brought baby lions to the carnival!  Some things happen last minute and we are willing to accomodate anything to make the experience more exciting for all attendees.  So if you have something you think may be a great addition, please let us know!

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