Lucas Holtom Carnival Day

Saturday July 8th, 2017

11:00AM - 3:00PM


A FREE Carnival?

Each year families come enjoy a stress free day of fun & are reminded about the preciousness of life, given a new appreciation for the joy of children and above all, feel they had an opportunity to celebrate!

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Displaying items by tag: prizes

A bell and hammer contest game. Each contestant is given an ammount tries to hit the base with a mallet and try to make the ringer hit the bell. If the ringer hits the bell, the constestant wins.

The Sponge Toss has been Retired.  It had a good 16 year run!!  Look out for NEW SMALL GAMES!!
A volunteer stands behind a backboard with only their face showing through a hole. The player gets three tries to hit them in the face with a wet sponge. 

The sack race or gunny sack race is a competitive game in which participants place both of their legs inside a sack or pillow case that reaches their waist or neck and jump forward from a starting point toward a finish line. The first person to cross the finish line is the winner of the race.

Miniature golf, mini-golf, midget golf, goofy golf, shorties, extreme golf, crazy golf, adventure golf, mini-putt... whatever you call it we have our own custom built 9-Hole Lucas Links!  


An obstacle course is a series of challenging physical obstacles an individual or team must navigate usually while being timed. Obstacle courses can include running, climbing, jumping, 
Bean bag toss is a simple but very fun game that involves throwing beanbags at a hole in a slanted board. Bean bag toss is also known as cornhole – this name refers to the practice in many farming communities of throwing cotton bags filled with feed corn at the hole. However, commercially produced bean bag toss bags are more often used today.
Take aim at this unique interactive football game.  Toss a football through the hanging hoop! See if you have the skill to score the winning end zone touchdown!
Players get three tries to make a basket. Always a long line for this!  
 Always a favourite among the younger kids, the fish pond offers a challenge as kids drop their lines in the pool and try to snag a fish.  Every fish is a winner!
 Test your skills as you toss a ring over the peg!  just like the carnival games of old, this is a challenging and fun event that always delights!  Get a "ring-er" and win a prize!!
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